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Thursday, December 14, 2017

well heyyyyyy

I've been living rather well I would say. my days were amazing when I get to play ultimate with my teammmmm. despite hating to run but frisbee just made everything better.

I was rushing for my valuation proposal that i missed trainings and staying up late for entire week just to finishing it up. to be honest, I've nvr stayed up late for any assignments before nor any exams. I guess I just wanted to achieve a really good grades and I keep aiming myself on the first class honours and thats why I'm stressing myself out.

and I got back my business research paper score which turned out to be only 61/100. I was so embarrassed to tell my friends about my score cos they probably did so much better than me. ended up Eric actually scored 60 and the class average was just 59. I was relieved for a moment but 61 wasn't something I was expecting. I guess I'll really need to score well in the finals.

after submission and receiving the bad result, it was Beatle juice weekend! which is a fun tourney held by uni of Liverpool and it was so much fun! seeded at 6 but I was really happy with the moment spent especially when my team said my score was the highlight of the weekend (':

team LJMU
on Saturday night, we had dinner with the team at Almost Famous. finally some quality time spent together.

almost me drunk at 2:30am after party

can't wait to come back to train more and en route to Glasgow to support the men nationals! (also can't wait for our kit to come so we can wear them to compete)

and also my dance society is holding a Christmas dance show this Saturday afternoon (our routines have nothing to do with xmas) but well, yeah I'm gonna dance on stage lmao. the thought of it is mental. will try to post pictures if they ever take pictures.

volunteering tomorrow as well. this week is so productive and I'm so happy (:

see y'all! x


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