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Saturday, February 17, 2018

hi guys. I'm finally back?

actually I still can't update much as well because FM deadline is in 2 weeks and I'll have 3 interviews next week for my dissertation. I'm just here procrastinating. at the same time I'm also anxiously waiting for Josiah to text back.

anyway I went to work as a student helper in uni applicant day. 30 quid richer with free food. tried on VR and drone simulator. it was amazing.

it was Danning's birthday and everyone was very happy.

there's actually a lot happened in a month but I don't exactly have the time to type to you all. I don't even update my Instagram blog anymore which I feel very bad about it. furthermore I started writing diary as well so I guess I kinda forgot my blog's existence for a a while haha. but it was more like a planner but I wrote it as a diary and it limits to one page so I'll just blabber whatever happened on the day to the paper.

I hope everyone has a great Chinese new year ! I'll update as detail as possible. perhaps after my dissertation submission haha. love y'all. xx

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