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Saturday, January 6, 2018

a lot of unexpected things happened. good ones bad ones. doesnt really matter. in fact i just want this year to be a good one.

guess ive just used a lot of money recently that i really need to cut down since im unemployed atm. furthermore i really dont wanna upset my mum for spending a fortunre just to send me over to the uk.

will try my very best to work on my assignments as soon as i go back. workload has been piling and im a bit freaked out. i just hope shane will bear with me for a while for this. at the same time i wish things will go smoothly according to plan. especially applying jobs in the uk.

leaving carol's house tmrw and back to liverpool is where i realise the reality is hitting my right in front of my face like BAM. but what can i do besides facing it bravely.

loving the people who have been supporting me entirely throughout my journey here. in hope that good karma come around for those who have truly helped the people around no matter little or massive deed.

just want to avoid some problems for a little while. and in hope i'll be brave enough to face them.

let's hope my goals will be achieved. and hope yall have a great new year (: xx


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